Neolife South Africa
Neolife South Africa

2018 was a milestone year for the NeoLife family, officially representing 60 years in business making the world a healthier and happier place.

60 years of impacting people’s lives.

"A   G L O B A L   L E A D E R   I N   N U T R I T I O N,  M A K I N G   A  

P O S I T I V E  D I F F E R E N C E   I N  T H E   L I V E S   O F 

P E O P L E   W H O   S E E K  O P T I M A L   H E A L T H   A N D  

F I N A N C I A L  W E L L - B E I N G"


Neolife Nutritional Vitamin & Supplement
Nutriance Organic Skin Care
GNLD Golden Products Home Care cleaning products


Charlie & Alta Bolton

“We have grown together as a couple and our goals and dreams grew along with us. With NeoLife by our side we could have chosen to live anywhere in the world, but we chose to live here on our 8500 acre luxury game farm, surrounded by nature and wildlife. Thanks to the NeoLife Opportunity we are living our dream. We’ve achieved our dreams and plan to help others achieve their dreams. The blessings that we received through this Opportunity are what keeps us motivated to share the Business. We are living proof that NeoLife changes lives.”

Mdu & Fikile Mokoena

“It is great to be part of a community of people worldwide who are looking towards the future with a huge amount of optimism. We’re inspired by the fact that our lives have been changed and know that after all these years we have kept on achieving and being acknowledged for our efforts. The Company’s commitment to offering the quality Products and a phenomenal Compensation Plan is unrivalled. The NeoLife Opportunity is the best in the world. Together we are making the world a healthier and happier place.”

Wilson & Florence Mathumbu

“The only thing you need to have if you want to make a success in NeoLife is a dream of your own. With a goal in sight and NeoLife at your side you can achieve anything. Look at the amazing life we are living! We drive our dream cars, own a beautiful home and have given our children a better future through education. Life is good in NeoLife!”